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Sea Walls St Croix Artists for Oceans was brought to St. Croix by the PangeaSeed Foundation in partnership with

Clean Sweep Frederiksted to empower our community to create meaningful environmental change for our Oceans through ARTivism, education and science. The public artworks serve as educational tools and conversation-starters addressing marine environmental issues relevant to the local community. The goal is to ignite ownership for the sustainability of natural resources.

The first Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project took place on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands in December 2019. PangeaSeed’s team of international and local artists gathered on St. Croix, over a period of ten days, to create a series of culturally sensitive public artworks to help raise environmental awareness and add vibrancy to the community still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Maria, a category-five hurricane that struck the island in September 2017.

Big Blue & You served as the official youth education partner to Pangeaseed Foundation during SeaWalls St. Croix. The program Big Blue & You also hosted "Art by the Sea Pop-Up Festival" where they combined kid-friendly ocean art projects with marine science learning experiences facilitated by local experts. You can see more about Big Blue & You's mission on their website -

The 'Protect What You Love' mural on the Museum stage in the courtyard was designed by Pangeaseed Foundation's Seawalls Artivist Kell Sunshine and painted by all of the children who attended the afterschool programming that week we were in town. Learn more about the Art by the Sea Festival program by clicking here