Moko Jumbie Culture

Moko Jumbie Culture


Approximate 12" x 13" x 26" Wire Sculpture by Waldemar Brodhurst


I am a Crucian artist who works exclusively in found and recycled materials – cable, rope, barbed wire, glass, wood, screening, fabric and found objects are all fair game for my extraordinary imagination and ability to turn trash into beauty.  

All of my subjects, human and animal, are infused with their own unique vitality and self-possession, but it is in my female figures that we see a deeply held respect and admiration for the strength and vulnerability of women.  These expressions are informed by the courage and suffering he witnessed in my mother.     

Raised in a volatile household with an abusive stepfather, I abandoned my formal education in junior high school.  As a young man, I supported myself by painting, rebuilding, recycling (no pun intended), and selling used bikes. 

I frequently rode my bicycle into Frederiksted town where I would often encounter the artist Dove painting a familiar Frederiksted landmark out on the sidewalk.   I, along with many others in the course of Dove’s lifetime, often stopped to watch the artist’s progress.  I am quick to share that as a young man I took great solace in both the freedom of the bike rides, and the privilege of observing the artist at work.  

Throughout my adolescence and early adulthood I grappled with the feelings and behaviors that are so often associated with children who witness and are themselves victims of domestic violence. 

Deeply affected by the death of my mother, I struggled for years until I found the ability to channel and release my feelings into my sculptures. 

My work and life experience are a testament to the transformative power of art.  

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