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Sat 10 Apr 2021

Sat 22 May 2021

Opening Reception   11 am – 8 pm
with music by DERI  4 pm – 6 pm
Sat 10 Apr 2021

The New Blood exhibition series is about breaking the divide and giving all artists a platform for their work to be celebrated and appreciated by the community. Featuring emerging and established artists from the Virgin Islands. As with any great venture, it is the work of many. New Blood 4 is a joint venture between CMCArts and Lucien Downes.


"I feel proud to be able to work with such great artists of our community and for us to be able to collectively create this platform."

Virtual Exhibition
Adrian M. Edwards
Brenda L. Cotto
Cathy Booth
Chalana Brown
Christa-Ann Molloy
Danica M. David
David Berg
Donna Prock
Eliana L. Schuster-Brown
Elisa McKay
Elwin Joseph
Gail Widmer
Gene Rotter
Ibeliz Guadalupe
Isabelle Picard
Jane Akin
Jean J. Picou
John Obafemi Jones
Joyce Hickock
Ki-Ana Tonge
Lucien Downes
Luis Llanos
Lyn Voytershark
Mae Menzies
Malek Bascombe
Mike Walsh
Natasha Smith
Patti Tullis
Ray Galloway
Sara Lee Hayes
Sandy Hruska
Stuart Rames
Tamara Michael
Therese Trudeau
Tina Henle
Troy Sextius
Vanya Neptune
Victoria Rivera
Waldemar Brodhurst
Lucien headshot_edited.jpg

Lucien Downes, Curator - I first started my artistic career in Atlanta in the mid-2000s, the competition was tough, and there wasn't a platform for emerging artist to showcase their work. It was a struggle to get into shows and even harder to have your work showcased amongst the work of more established artists. Those were very frustrating times, being passionate about your work but not having the support or platform to share it with the world. I made a commitment to myself that when I became a more established artist I would help to create a platform where all artists, emerging, established, and even legends could display their work together. It was out of this desire that the concept for the new Blood art show was formed.

The Gallery

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