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With your generous support, CMCArts is able to fulfill our mission to preserve, promote and exhibit the arts of the Caribbean community. Every donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and supports educational programming dedicated to the artistic and cultural heritage of the USVI and the voice of the Caribbean.


Everything we do is Educational Programming; from our beautiful exhibitions that open dialogues and promote the voice of the people, to the multitude of workshops and classes for every age and in between; sharing artisan skills both old and new, offering support and mentorship to our emerging artists, youth and teen painting, drawing, clay, performance, music, digital's almost endless!


Art IS Education; it promotes patience, critical-thinking, perseverance and self confidence. Art is also our cultural mirror. We need your support to provide our youth with the artistic and cultural voice of St. Croix, the USVI and the Caribbean. What if we looked in the mirror and there wasn't anything looking back? Artistic and cultural heritage is the story of us. Help keep it alive and thriving!


Your contribution also allows us to remain open and free to the public. We are very grateful for donations of all sizes and types. 

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