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1. Is there an application fee for the Artist Residency?



2. Is there a cost associated with the Non-Teaching Artist Residency?

For non-teaching residencies, there is a $150 a night fee for a minimum of 7 days. Each residency includes a fully-furnished private suite apartment, complete with a private kitchen and bathroom, living room/studio space plus a shared studio space. Additionally each resident will be provided the opportunity to present their work at a public event hosted by CMCArts. This event can take the form of an artist’s talk, sharing works in progress, past portfolio, power point, screening, or conversation.


3. Is there a cost associated with the Teaching Artist residency?

No. During your teaching residency you will create a workshop series and we will connect you with local schools, youth, and other artists on St Croix. These workshops will be held on school campuses, or as after-school and weekend programs at CMCArts.

4. Are there any payment plans available?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer payment plans at this time.


5. Does CMCArts offer any funding? We are a small art museum and art center. CMCArts actively applies for grants, and we have awarded teaching artist-in-residence $1,000 stipend when possible. Artist are responsible travel expenses, food, car rental, and personal art supplies.  Please be advised that everything is more expensive on island than in the states.

6. When is the annual application deadline?

The annual application deadline is October 31st to qualify for the following year. 


7. How long are residencies? 

Our residency stays range from a minimum of one week to a maximum of five weeks. We offer the choice of Summer, Spring, Fall, or Winter sessions. (September is blacked out for all residencies)


8. What are the eligibility requirements?

Applicants must be professional individual artists or collaborative artist teams over the age of 25. The program is not designed for undergraduate students. Artist must be proficient in English. You must complete the application and submit it before the deadline.


9. How are the artists-in-residence selected?

AIR’s are selected by a jury panel consisting of the CMCArts staff.


10. Where is CMCArt’s located?

The Museum Center is located in a restored waterfront building in the town of Frederiksted on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix. Frederiksted has served as a catalyst for change throughout the Virgin Islands. It is the historic location where enslaved African-Caribbean Virgin Islanders led the 1848 revolt that ended the enslavement of Africans and their descendants. Situated on the western edge of the island Frederiksted is also known as Freedom City by the town's 1,000 year-round residents. If you want to explore St. Croix, renting a car is highly recommended. St. Croix does not have Uber or Lyft.


11. What is Frederiksted like?

The majority of the town reflects it’s Danish heritage and architecture.  In town many of the buildings are in need of restoration or are abandoned. CMCArts is centrally located so restaurants, bars, and beaches stretch from walking-distance to a short drive away. The Residency Program is ideal for creatives who are self-directed and hungry for the quiet and reflective solitude of a rural environment that is off the beaten path, while still being in a small town. We enjoy views of the Caribbean Sea from our Museum’s Gallery spaces - sunsets to take your breath away.


12. What are the CMCArt’s grounds and facilities like?

The grounds at CMCArts consist of a historic main two story building which houses our Museum Store and Gallery. Attached are two suite apartments on the second floor overlooking an intimate courtyard that are utilized as rentals on Air B&B. The third floor houses an additional apt that is utilized for our Artist-in-Residence program. Like the other apartments it also overlooks the courtyard boasting 2 small porches.  After entering through the Museum's back gate, you step into our comfortable, relaxing courtyard and outdoor dining area, where our garden provides a haven space from the city-like atmosphere outside our villa. 


A shared ceramics studio is also situated within the courtyard and is equipped with a sink, several wheels and a kiln. This space can be utilized for multi-media production, including printmaking, drawing and other mixed media but with limited wall space and no easels.  Additionally the living room/studio room in the AIR apartment can be used. 

13. Is there air conditioning?

Yes, we have air conditioning in the private living quarters.  


14. Do you have wifi? 

There is wifi available through out the property.  We do not have television in the apartments, but you can stream utilizing our wifi.


15. Are meals included?

 Artists must provide their own meals. The kitchen spaces at CMCArts are fabulous, and each unit is equipped with adequate dishes and cookware.


16. Can I have a guest in my apartment?

If accepted into the program a spouse or partner is allowed to stay in the artist-in-residence apartment for part of the residency.


17. What is your refund or cancellation policy?

We are a small community of resident artists and staff at CMCArts - often our group is not more than a handful of people. While we really like it that way, it means that every artist who comes has a significant effect on the community as a whole – simply by being with us and addressing their body of work. For this reason, we consider the artists with great intention on our tight schedule and artists who cancel 30 days prior to commencement of the Program will be requested to pay 50% of their Residency fees.


18. What types of transportation are available?

The airport is 20 minutes from CMCArts. After flying into St. Croix you will need to either rent a car or take a taxi around the island. Many artists find that they can rent a car from the airport for the duration or part of their stay for a good price and are very happy they did. This allows for more mobility and the ability to visit some really amazing places on the island. However, if you plan on staying in town, we are conveniently located in downtown Frederiksted so many shops, restaurants, and beaches are just an easy walk away.   


Taxis are an option but they often run between $20 and $50 dollars.

For more information check GOTOSTCROIX/TAXIS


19. Are art supplies available on the island?   

There is one art supply store on the island with limited merchandise. It would be more cost effective to bring or ship the majority of your supplies. We have a Home Depot, Office Max, Art Frame Store among other small hardware stores. We provide supplies for youth and teen workshops for Teaching Residencies.


20. Do I need a passport to travel to St. Croix?

Travel to the United States Virgin Islands does not require a passport, however other identification is necessary as per Port Authority policy. Any other resident traveling from outside the United States will need a passport.

21. Where can I learn more about St. Croix and the town of Frederiksted?




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