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The exhibition of  multi medium painting by John Obafemi Jones. In this exhibition, Jones explores ideas of the contemporary artist as simultaneously being a producer of concepts and objects, and a consumer of media-driven popular culture. 


It is Jones’s point of view that the artist of today are constantly being affected by new and old definitions of self, the affirmation of new ideas and technologies as well as cultural assimilation. These elements influence the way that the artist chooses to represent himself, factors that can be very troubling for any artist, but particularly for the Caribbean artist. Through traditional and non-traditional. Topics of self-identity, social stereotypes and prejudices are examined.

Like an improvisational jazz solo, original paintings by John Obafemi Jones have their own unique language, vocabulary and grammar. Always seeking and striving, John has established a legacy that is defined by a burning desire to make his painting as ethereal as music. Developed over time and maintaining its presence for many years, each of his creations tells a story. Born in heart of southern “black belt” of the U.S., his parents were sharecroppers who migrated to Brooklyn New York where he was exposed formal art training. Jones has lived in the Virgin Islands since 1978.

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Opening Reception 4:30 – 7:30 pm

Fri 5 Jan 2018

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