Las Energias de Arte de Cuba y Puerto Rico

Paul Cezanne stated, “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Throughout this exhibition, I hope that you can explore and feel the emotions, which I have taken the liberty to translate to “energies”, that exude from the art of Cuban and Puerto Rican artists.  The artwork presented here reflect a diversity of energies. Some of the energies are defined by our faith and spirituality, while others are created by political views, gender, everyday life, and culture.  I invite you to take time to explore the energies that characterize Cuba and Puerto Rico. Live and experience the energies expressed in each piece of work. 

In the main exhibition hall are two master artists representing Cuban and Puerto Rican art. The late Newyorican (born in NY and raised in Puerto Rico) artist, Wilfred Labiosa, known for being a watercolorist depicting scenes of his beloved Old San Juan and Puerto Rican countryside. I have chosen pieces that depict the energies of his Impulsivismo, title for his original abstracts series, (translated into his “Impulses”). And from Cuba, Eduardo Roca Salagar, known as Choco, uses Santeria (Afro-Cuban religion) imagery, orishas (gods), and tones associated with the religion, to portray the circumstances of every day life in Cuba. Both artists are unique in their portrayal of the energies of their home countries and are “meeting” here, at CMCArts, for the first time.