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The genesis of this exhibition began in a rather unfortunate space, but as with the power of the arts, deep emotion and a state of concern was born into positive reflection and reverence. 2021 and 2022 brought to St. Croix some shocking life transitions of several of our elders. A life transition is always shocking and is always too early in a person's life, and so the MasterClass exhibition was born to pay tribute to artists that have shaped how we view and experience art in our community. The exhibition title tips our hats to the online platform "MasterClass" offering classes to students of all levels and taught by the best of the best in the world. CMCArts’ reference to the online series is translated into a celebration of our St. Croix masters, many of whom, have not showcased their work with CMCArts in many years.


This exhibition delves into the minds of our masters to illuminate the skill and dialogue they have honed throughout the years revealing the force behind the art making. Often, artists keep for their own collection, artwork of their making and pieces that are significant to them. We are honored to be presenting some of this work, providing deep insight into the artist’s vision of themselves or significant moments within their art careers. In other cases, a work was selected to embrace where the artist is right now in their art practice.


A special tribute to the illustrious Henle family of artists will be included with a collection of work from Maria, Tina and Fritz Henle together in one gallery. In conjunction with the exhibition, CMCArts is also honored to present a film screening of the feature length documentary SUGAR PATHWAYS by St. Croix artist and award winning filmmaker, Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz.


MasterClass Artwork

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