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Pride Prism is an exhibition inspired by the LGBT+ community and its diversity. Works by artists from various Caribbean islands reflect some of this diversity.

Just as the light hits a glass to reflect the white light into multiple rainbow colors, it is my hope that this exhibit reflects the diverse artistry of more than eighteen artists from five Caribbean islands including, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, and Bahamas. LGBTTQ+ artists and allies celebrate Pride through their art – Orgullo!

Curated by Wilfred Labiosa, PhD

Pride Prism is Sponsored by AARP, STX Pride, VICA, and CFVI


Edel Rodriguez


This silk screen series was developed at Taller Serigrafia Rene Portocarrero in La Habana Vieja, Cuba, to celebrate Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar and the trajectory of this work.


Since 1978, Pedro Almodovar (born in 1949 in Spain’s Calzada de Calatrava) has written, directed, and produced films with polemical themes, and subjects of everyday life. Some are dramatical and others are comical, with many twists and turns. He is an LGBT+ gem that celebrates Pride with every film and in his own eccentric and personalized way.

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