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Forgotten Lands Four

Forgotten Lands Four

SKU: 002352207235

It’s quite striking how Caribbean island nations & the greater Americas contain cultural and rhythmic patterns often echoing those from across the Atlantic. This makes it impossible to examine the contemporary Caribbean without understanding the traditions that had traversed from West Africa to the West Indies.

Cover by Xavier Scott Marshall
200 pages.

Andrae Green / Ania Freer / Dantaé Garee Elliott Don Brodie / Gherdai Hassell / Hadiya Sewer / Jodi Minnis / Joiri Minaya / Jorian Charlton / Kelly-Ann Bobb / Kiván Quiñones Beltrán / Lizania Cruz / Nicolas Derne / Rochelle Ward / Shameekia Shantel Johnson / Theodore Samuels / Xavier Scott Marshall

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