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Joffre George

Joffre George

SKU: 4111200511

8" x 10" Matted Print by Joffre George


Joffre George is a self-taught Caribbean artist. Born in Dominca, he has lived on St. Croix since 1990. He has worked in most mediums but is currently most interested in the vibrant colors of oils and acrylics. He custom-designs Tshirts and produces prints and other reproductions in his shop in Frederiksted

  • Moko Jumbie

    A moko jumbie (also known as "moko jumbi" or "mocko jumbie") is a stilts walker or dancer. "Moko" means healer in Central Africa and "jumbi", a West Indian term for a ghost or spirit that may have been derived from the Kongo language word zumbi. The Moko Jumbies are thought to originate from West African tradition brought to the Caribbean.

    A Moko Jumbie character may wear colorful garb and carnival masks. They also frequent festivals and celebrations such as Carnival.

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