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Misty has chosen to donate all proceeds from this exhibition to non-profits that she feels make a difference in our community. If you would like to join Misty in her support of community by making a donation, select the organization of your choice below.


Please select CARES Fund

CMCArts mission is to inspire and promote the Caribbean's rich cultural and artistic heritage through engaging the diverse communities of the Islands

C.H.A.N.T. is a community-based coalition committed to advancing Crucian heritage and nature tourism as a vehicle for the sustainable development of the St. Croix community.

St. Croix Foundation established in the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the CARE Fund supports strategic, high-impact investments in the Virgin Islands for preparedness, resilience, and recovery from any disaster. Funds support nonprofits working on the frontlines and nurture new, sustainable systems.

Women's Coalition's mission is to support and empower people impacted by violence  and offers a range of supportive programs and services to victims and survivors.

Project Promise is dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk youth on St. Croix by providing empowerment initiatives, cultural programs, and family services.

Ruff Start's mission is to proactively search out the dogs who can’t search for help themselves. In addition, we offer educational youth programs to encourage animal compassion and advocacy in their everyday lives.

As a professional photographer for the last twenty-two years, my work has taken me around the world. I have come to realize that St. Croix is a special place unlike any I’ve ever known or experienced before. Unique for its immense natural beauty, and powerful history of solidarity. I have observed that many Crucians are connected to both the land, and one another. This strong sense of community is echoed in the Caribbean sentiment “All Ah We,” or all of us, a mindset embodied in Crucians' values and how they live and treat each other.


On September 19-20, 2017, Hurricane Maria brought unfathomable devastation

to the island of St. Croix. St. Croix’s West End and Frederiksted communities were

hardest hit, bearing the brunt of this major storm. Stuck back in my hometown of

Chicago, with nonexistent communication and no updated information coming from

any of the major news outlets or other media sources, I was left feeling terrified and

helpless for the people of St. Croix.


Over the years, I’ve focused my photography on documenting and capturing the lives of others. Seeing my fellow community members on St. Croix not getting the properly deserved attention got me to shift my lens to tune in to the people around me even more intentionally. I listened to their stories of hope and bravery amidst great adversity and loss. What I witnessed was an incredibly resilient community doing what they do best; taking care of each other and overcoming hardships together as one.


When moving through this exhibition I hope you can feel people’s hope and determination. Each person has lived a story from September 19-20, 2017.


What is yours?



“A hurricane is not a one day event.  I think that most people could imagine having their house burned down, and that’s what it’s like.  The damage and devastation that’s left behind after a fire is very much the same as the damage and devastation that’s left behind after a hurricane.” - Fiona Ross