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While none of us wants to be categorized as a something artist or anything for that matter; be it woman artist, black artist, gay artist, musician, writer, politician, plumber, soldier, the truth is there are still so many issues that lay in the way of full parity for women artists and others. Parity is usually associated with pay and equal pay along with equal rights is still to be achieved.


The spotlight is shining on this topic in the news and social media now as the Guerrilla Girls celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. This anonymous group of women artists who have worn gorilla masks to hide their identity as they have protested the injustice evident in the art world statistics tolling the number of women having museum shows and appointments. They have made great strides but clearly there is a lot of work to be done.


This exhibition, Women to Women, Island to Island, de Mujer a Mujer, Isla a Isla... is an invitation to the artists and viewers to investigate our place in art as woman, citizens of the Caribbean and the world, mothers, teachers, and community members and activists. What do we need in the Virgin Islands to make this a healthier more vibrant community for artists and all members of our society. What should we do to open more doors of opportunity for artists, teachers and students to share their practice with the community to foster the belief that we have the potential to become one of the most humane, intellectually and emotionally healthy places on the planet. We can start today!


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